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Trinity Pacific Center for Evangelism
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Trinity Pacific Center for Evangelism
P.O. Box 494253 Redding, CA 96049-4253

Primary purpose of Tri-Pac is to provide to churches/church affiliates material goods and or services (at no cost or little cost)
to facilitate infrastructure projects and assist in recreational opportunities. The above is the main focus of Tri-Pac, however as other
opportunities are presented, the board of directors of Tri-Pac will examine each one and take appropriate action. Tri-Pac is and will be an "open-minded" non-profit corporation to developing assets
for God's work. Tri-Pac - Trinity Pacific Center for Evangelism - God's Way - Every Day. Non-profit organization for helping churches and church affiliates
find and give them the tools for contruction projects and urban renewal.
Federal Tax I.D. # 68-0391755 Federal Employee # 20-1435367
California Domestic, Not for Profit Corporation # C1973413
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